Curriculum Analysis

Context The School of Computer Science and Enginnering at UNSW offers a bit more than 100 courses. Although some streams are defined to help students choose courses, it can be hard to nagivate and discriminate the link between courses (requirements, complementary). We propose to build a tool for student to navigate visually on the curriulum and to recommend courses based on connected content. Using the course handbooks and online material, we propose to compute a similarity metrics (extra topic from text and compare list of topics from different courses).

Perception Load as a Measure of Anthropomorpshim

Context: Research in HRI has been investigating how robot design and in particular humanlikeness can influence the interaction. The uncanny valley illustrate for instance how robots’ appearance influence emotional responses. In this project, we aim to take it a step further and investigate how robots’ appearance can influence cognitive load. Follwing a similar protocol to [1], we will use robot’s pictures as distractors in a perception task. Past research has shown that distractors with human faces impaired more strongly performances in the task when compared to other objects.