PostDoc at the CHILI Lab. and Mobots Group et EPFL, I work on the CoWriter project and the Cellulo project. both aiming to design new Human-Robot Interaction in for Learners. I am also leading the Robots 4 Learning workshop series that focuses on the use of social robots in education.

I am interested in developing acceptable and useful robotics applications. My aim is to work on improving acceptability of assistive robot by using social signals of communications. I am interested in social signal processing and expression. I have worked on proxemics and recognition of social attitudes in human-robot interaction during my masters. For my PhD, I focused on expressivity of robots using facial and body expressions.

In October 2015, I obtained my PhD from the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble (LIG) in supervision of Sylvie Pesty and Gaëlle Calvary and financed by the French ANR MoCA. Before my PhD, I did a 2 years research Master in Computer Sciences, specialized in robotics, vision and graphics. I received a B.S & B.A.  of computer sciences and mathematics applied to cognitive sciences. What I like the most is to use both competences from computer sciences and cognitive sciences for robotics.

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